Statement from the SD Eibar board of directors


15/10/2018 20:41

In the coming days, the shareholders of Sociedad Deportiva Eibar will vote on the possibility of building our Sports Facilities, infrastructure that will house our future as a club, that of our first teams and those of our academy teams. We are facing a historic moment, and we hope that as many shareholders as possible will participate.

We, the Board of Directors of SD Eibar, continue working, we do not desist or spare any effort, and we will continue this way until the date of the General Shareholders' Meeting as well as afterwards.

In regards to this work we are doing, we are pleased to announce that this council, after the hard work of its president Amaia Gorostiza and the counsellor José Antonio Fernández, responsible for works, we have reached an agreement whereby the owners of Azitain land are committed to reduce the price of the same by half, reducing the total cost of Azitain's work from 21.44 million euros to 18.22 million euros.

It is undoubtedly a positive news and clearly demonstrates the commitment of this Council to its shareholders.

In this way, the Azitain option would have a total cost of approximately 18 million euros, valued at 6 million euros each of its three fields; while in Areitio the total amount would be 16 million euros, with 4 million euros being the cost of each of its four fields.

The opinion of the current Council continues to be to meet the criteria recommended by our technicians, mainly regarding the number of fields and facilities.
Finally, the Board wants to make it clear that each shareholder is free to vote the option they deem appropriate, and we encourage all shareholders to take part.
Aupa Eibar! Gora Eibar!