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Governing Body

Governing Body

As part of its governing structure, the Foundation has a Board of Trustees made up of 11 members, of which its President coincides with the President of SD Eibar S.A.D. In addition, the Foundation has a consultative body, made up of 45 people from various institutional, civic, social, sporting and business backgrounds. The Foundation Board meets annually in an exercise of transparency for the presentation of both the annual accounts and the budget, as well as a report from the President on the state of the organisation and its main lines of work.


Board of Trustees

-President: Amaia Gorostiza

-Vice President: Mikel Larrañaga (former Mayor of Eibar between 1979 and 1983, former Councillor of SD Eibar between 2014 and 2017)

-Director: Elisa Mangado

-Head of Foundation Communications: Arrate Fernández

-Trustee: Jon Ander Ulazia (SD Eibar Board member since 2012)

-Trustee: Leire Barriuso (SD Eibar Board Member since 2017)

-Trustee: Oscar Artetxe (former SD Eibar first-team player between 1990 and 2001)

-Trustee: Ainhoa Alonso (former SD Eibar first-team player between 2004 and 2017)

-Trustee: Jesús Gutiérrez (historian, writer, sports technician in the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa)

-Trustee: Jorge Rubio (Secretary of the International Federation of Supporters' Clubs of SD Eibar, President of the Mandiola Laguntaldea supporters' club)

-Trustee: Gergori Prieto (Director of Administration, Finance and HR at SD Eibar)