New Armeros supporters' group opens in Luxembourg

The fan club, which goes by the name of Peña Bitter – Lux Branch, is a division of the Madrid Peña Bitter supporters' group.


27/08/2018 11:58

Luxembourg has this week become home to Eibar's 41st supporters' group following the launch of a new fan club. The official group carries the name ofPeña Bitter – Lux Branch , given that one of the club's members and its president are part of the Peña Bitter supporters' group, which has been operating in Madrid since 2010.

The new group has 10 members, but is currently running a campaign to boost its numbers. The group's badge is similar to the Eibar crest, with the difference being that the 'X' symbol is replaced by the city of Luxembourg emblem, whilst the badge also features the motto 'Let's make it happen'. The group has a Facebook page which can be accessed via:

 Several members of the group attended Eibar's pre-season meeting with Hoffenheim on 11 August. 


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