Meeting of SD Eibar shareholders approves a record budget of 32.4 million euros, with an expected surplus of 10.8 million

Prices of season tickets will be frozen again and those who have been season ticket holders for three years will pay the same as in 2006


18/12/2015 00:17

The General Meeting of the SD Eibar Shareholders today approved a record budget of 32.4 million euros and an expected surplus of 10.8 million euros, with the backing of 98 percent of the shareholders.

At the same meeting, the accounts for last season were approved (with 97% voting in favour), which included a profit of 3.58 million euros, to be allocated to reserves.

The budget for this season includes a proposal to freeze the price of season tickets, which will mean, for example, that those who have been season ticket holders for three years will pay the same prices as when the team was in the Second Division B (i.e. between 210 and 300 euros, with an average ticket price of 19 euros per game). These prices remain unchanged from the 2006-2007 season, irrespective of the division in which the club has played.

Season ticket holders who have been shareholders since after August 2012 will pay between 265 and 395 euros (24 euros per game on average) and for the season ticket holders who are not shareholders the price will be between 320 and 475 euros.

Around 52 percent of the 5,132 season ticket holders benefit from SD Eibar discounted prices (under 22 years old, unemployed, pensioners and disabled). 

Club president Alex Aranzabal presented the report on the club’s activities and announced the strategic lines that will mark the future of the club in the coming seasons.

The armero Club, now in their second season in the First Division, expect to receive a total of approximately 40.5 million euros from television rights next season.

Today’s meeting of the shareholders involved the direct or delegated representation of 11,271 shares (24.4 percent of the total).



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