Germany and Greece join the list of countries with Official SD Eibar fan clubs

From this week SD Eibar has two new fan clubs, one in Germany called “Eibar Fründe Alleman – Pintxos und Flönz”, and another in Greece, “Griego Fan Club SD Eibar


08/02/2016 17:04

Eibar continues with its campaign to achieve more national and international support with the creation of new official fan clubs. This week two new countries, Germany and Greece, join those with official fan clubs, of which there are now 19 supporting the Gunsmiths from many different parts of the world.

With a play on words, the new official fan club of Eibar in Germany describe what makes them special in the name “Eibar Fründe Al(l)eman(n) – Pintxos und Flönz”. This new fan club, which currently has 9 members, is located in the city of Cologne. As its president Thomas Pechlof explains: “The nine members are all part of the same gang but we are also from different clubs in Germany, such as Schalke, Borussia Dortmund, Cologne or even Bayern. However, despite this healthy rivalry we have started this new SD Eibar Fan Club to join together to support the Gunsmiths”.

The list of official fan clubs is also joined by the “Griego Fan Club SD Eibar”, a group of supporters with 36 members who are mostly from Thessaloniki, the second largest city in Greece and capital of the Central Macedonia region.

The drive to expand the lists of members in all the supporters’ groups is still going on, to the extent that the EibarCn Official Fan Club in China already has 40 members, and some of them have sent the club photos in which they are wearing the Eibar shirt.

With these two new fan clubs, SD Eibar now has 19 groups supporting the Gunsmiths’ players from 10 different countries around the world, and the aim is to attract a lot more support, both in the stadium and also internationally.

To form an official Eibar fan club is very easy, and any group interested in doing so can contact the club through the email or by consulting the link



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