Electoral Organising Committee is disbanded to give way to the 2017 Electoral Campaign

The General Shareholders' Meeting will be held on 31 May 2017 at 19:00 on the first call, and if necessary, on the second call on 1 June 2017 at 19:00 at Eibar's Frontón Astelena.


12/04/2017 18:27

This afternoon saw the club's Electoral Organising Committee, made up of board members José Miguel Fiallegas, Jon Ander Ulaiza and SD Eibar's managing director, Patricia Rodríguez, make a second public appearance.  On this occasion, an update was offered on the electoral schedule and details were revealed about the official election announcement, which is published on the official SD Eibar website at . Meanwhile, the committee shared the latest news and offered explanations relating to the 2017 electoral process.

Fiallegas confirmed that the initial electoral timeline is being respected, "By 24 March, three candidates had submitted their candidacy:  the proposal from Germán Albistegi with 15 candidates, Amaia Gorostiza with 13 candidates and John Sager, who submitted a proposal on his own".

After informing the club of the candidates set to stand in the elections, the Electoral Committee has held meetings with the candidates with a view to establishing an agreement between them, with Fiallegas revealing that, "An agreement was reached between the candidacy of German Albistegi and that of Amaia Gorostiza, an agreement which has been signed by both of them and will be placed on public record. John Sager has not joined the other two candidates in signing this agreement.  As such, there is a consensus between two of the candidates, to which John Sager has not adhered".

On 10 April, the current board of directors met to accept the aforementioned agreement, whilst also agreeing upon the call for the Extraordinary General Meeting.

In the view of Fiallegas, himself a lawyer, proceedings have been undertaken with transparency and all of the parties involved in the elections have been treated equally, "We wish to make people aware that we congratulate ourselves about the fact that an agreement is in place, it's positive for the institution, the club and to ensure that the process runs smoothly".

Finally, Fiallegas informed that theElectoral Organising Committee would now be disbanded,"It was born with the aim of launching the electoral process and with the objective of generating an agreement between the candidates.  Our work is now done.  It's over to the club and its employees to kick-start the electoral process.  One of the elements contained within the agreement is the creation of a Follow-up Committee, which will be tasked with monitoring the progress of the electoral process".

For his part, Ulazia revealed details of parts of the agreement reached by the aforementioned candidates, including theObjectives of the Agreement and theRules of the Electoral Process.






To close, Rodríguez explained the technical details of the process, "At the start of May, all of the shareholders will receive an envelope to their home addresses, which will contain the following documents:  An attendance/proxy card, information containing instructions, a pre-paid envelope with the address of the Eibar Notary and finally, information on each of the candidates".   


Rodríguez went on to explain that there aretwo means for shareholders to exercise their right to vote: :

  • By attending the General Shareholders' Meeting in person
    1. An individual with their national identify card and the original attendance card sent to their home which is to be signed.
    2. A legal person with a signature as the legal representative and the original attendance card sent to their home which is to be signed
    3. Shares held by minors may be delegated to the guardian with their signature on the original attendance card and a photocopy of the family book
  • If the shareholder doesn't attend the Meeting they may delegate their vote by: 
    1. Using the pre-paid envelope to send the delegation of vote to the address of the Eibar Notary Mrs Mª Dolores García Sillero
    2. Going directly to the Eibar Notary of Mrs Mª Dolores García Sillero on 12-14, Calle Egogain, Eibar, 20,600 to submit the delegation of vote
    3. Submit the delegation of vote documentation to the representative who will attend the General Shareholders' Meeting
    4. Go to the SD Eibar offices on 2, Calle Ipurua, Eibar to present the delegation of vote.  These delegations will be handed over to the Eibar Notary on 26 May before 20:00 CEST.

Finally, confirmation was issued that voting will be conducted manually, which will extend the length of the General Shareholders' Meeting.  In addition, and in an effort to speed up the accreditation procedure for all of those interested in attending the General Shareholders' Meeting, the doors of the Astelena shall be opened in sufficient time.

In order to guarantee the transparency of the process, technical staff from LaLiga and the Eibar Notary are set to supervise each stage of the proceedings.

The club wishes to offer a reminder that the period for updating shareholder contact details is currently open, all the information can be found at the following link



22:00 21-05-2022

21 MAY

22:00 Municipal de Ipurua


Day41 SD Eibar - CD Tenerife

29 MAY

18:30 Santo Domingo


Day42 AD Alcorcón - SD Eibar