Eibar: international passport

The entity maintains its firm commitment to internationalization, one of the objectives set out in the 2017-2022 Strategic Plan


10/10/2018 13:51

The Club SD Eibar has been working on its strategy to make the Club and the City of Eibar known internationally. Internationalization is precisely one of the strongest bets of SD Eibar, as reflected in the Strategic Plan for the period 2017-2022, and the growth of the Eibar brand around the world is now a reality.

It's been almost three years that Eibar has been working in Japan, where last year it managed to close different commercial agreements and this season, thanks to the sponsorship of the Japanese company HiKOKI, the club can boast of wearing on their sleeve the logo of this company specialized in machinery and power tools.

The media exposure that the Club continues to increase season by season. Logically, the fact of continuing in the First Division and working together with La Liga in multiple aspects helps and benefits that return is even greater, especially at the international level. In this way, the Eibar can boast of having been the protagonist of articles, reports and interviews in prestigious media such as The New York Times, The Guardian, 11 Freunde or Aljazeera.

SD Eibar currently has more than 11,000 shareholders spread across 69 different countries, who can vote at the General Shareholders' Meeting of the next days 23 and 24 thanks to telematic voting. At the same time, to date there are more than 41 official supporter clubs spread all over the world; 21 nationally and 20 of them abroad, in countries as far away as active in their social networks, such as Israel, Russia, Japan, China. There are even countries that repeat like the United States and Australia, where there is more than one supporter club.

In this regard, for example, the case of Australia stands out, since Eibar is currently the only LaLiga club that has two clubs (Peña Eibaroos de Brisbane and Peña Eibar Sydney) in this country and both with a prominent activity.

During these years, Ipurua has received supporters who have travelled thousands of kilometers to visit Ipurua or to watch matches in the armeros stadium and in other cities. Visits of this type have come from Japan, China, the United States and numerous European countries. The last example is Tal Oknin, founder and president of the Peña Eibar Israel, who moved from his country of origin to see the games recently played by the armeros team in Barcelona (against Espanyol) and Girona.

To a large extent, the clubs and their supporters have opened the door for Eibar to meet and explore new market opportunities in specific countries.


The case of Japan stands out for its close relationship with the community that helps the official club and for having been able to take advantage on those relationships in a contract with a company that is now visible in the sleeve of the first team shirt.

HiKOKI, business group dedicated to the manufacture of power tools for professionals, is since this season one of the main sponsors of the los aremros club.

In addition to the campaign to create Peñas that since the capital increase in 2014 was launched, Eibar has opened its doors to anyone who has wanted to visit its facilities.

Thus, last week and by the hand of LaLiga, a fortnight of foreign journalists learned how to work in Ipurua. Journalists from countries such as Nigeria, Morocco, Turkey, China, Korea, Hong Kong, India or the United States were immersed in the armeros environment and were interested in the history and present of the lub. As a result of this stay, several articles have already been published in international media and others will be published shortly.

The immediate future of Eibar's internationalization process lies in continuing to grow in its social networks, expanding the number of followers around the world and making its fans, subscribers, shareholders and supporters help to promote the name of a city and a club that they walk together.


19:30 28-08-2022
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19 AUG

20:00 Ciudad Deportiva Villarreal


Day2 Villarreal CF B - SD Eibar

28 AUG

19:30 Municipal de Ipurua


Day3 SD Eibar - SD Ponferradina

02 SEP

21:00 Estadio Municipal Butarque


Day4 CD Leganés - SD Eibar

12 SEP

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Day5 SD Eibar - Granada CF

18 SEP

Estadi Nacional d'Andorra


Day6 FC Andorra - SD Eibar

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Day7 SD Eibar - R. Racing Club