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Work on the new East Stand is progressing according to schedule

The club’s department of works continues making advances in the project that is expected to be finished at the beginning of 2017.

The work on the new East Stand is well under way according to the manager of the armeros’ department of works, Gorka Unamuno, who confirmed that “the construction deadlines are being met. We will be on time –without much to spare– but we will do it”.

Currently, the foundations are being laid, which will be followed by the footings and the ceiling slab for the car park, with more work on the roof of the car park to come after that. Moreover, a crane is being erected that will be a key element in the rhythm of the construction, and then finally, concrete will be used to cover the underground car park, over which the grass will be laid ready for the start of the season.

With this renovation the new construction will have four gangways to enter and leave by, which, compared to the current access points, would speed-up the evacuation of the stand in the event of an emergency . Furthermore, the pillars that until now have restricted the view of the pitch during games will also be eliminated. An area will be prepared for people with reduced mobility, who will be able to gain access to it via a lift – something which at the moment isn’t possible.

It is hoped that spectators will be able to occupy the new stand at the beginning of 2017. During six months the works will reduce the total capacity of Ipurua by something less than one thousand people. Of the current 6,300 seats, the capacity will drop to about 5,300 places. From January 2017 the stadium will be able to hold a total of 7,100 spectators.