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The new law of Integrated Attention of Addictions and Drug Addiction bans smoking and the consumption of alcohol in the Ipurua stadium

The new law, approved in a plenary session of the Parliament on 7th April, limits the sale and consumption of alcohol as well as tobacco at all sporting venues

The new law, that regulates the sale and consumption of alcohol and tobacco at all sporting venues, must be applied and implemented at this Saturday’s game at Ipurua, when the two clubs from Gipuzkoa face each other in a First Division game.

According to this regulation, smoking is banned in enclosed, semi-enclosed and open air sporting facilities, including in adjoining areas, which means that the fans who come to Ipurua cannot smoke in the stadium. Electronic cigarettes are also affected by this law.

The LAIAD (Law on addictions) sets down fines for infractions committed inside the space mentioned that will be from €30 to €600 in the case of minor infractions, fines of between €601 and €10,000 for serious breaches and between €10,001 and €600,000 for the very serious, in addition to which the sanctions for very serious infractions contemplates the complete or partial closure of the establishment for a period of between 2 and 5 years.

The Law of Integrated Attention of Addictions and Drug Addiction was published in the BOPV (Official Gazette of the Basque Government) on 13th April and came into effect on 14th April, meaning that SD Eibar will comply with the requirements of the law from the next game to be played at Ipurua, which will confront SD Eibar and Real Sociedad.

To publicise the application of the regulation, signs will be erected announcing the ban on smoking as well as the sale and consumption of alcohol, reminders will be announced on the public address system and a campaign launched on social networks with the aim of making sure the fans who come to the ground are aware of the new law.