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The candidacy of Amaia Gorostiza has won 13 posts in the new Board of Directors

The shareholding was 50.26% of the Club’s total shares

The candidacy headed by Amaia Gorostiza has won the thirteen posts in the new Board of Directors of SD Eibar following the elections held today at El Frontón Astelena in the province of Eibar.

The full number of shares that participated in the voting has increased to 23,219 which means 50.26% of all of the Club’s shares. The nominal value of these shares rose to 1.39 million euros.

On completion of the shareholder meeting, the first meeting of the new Board of Directors took place before a notary, during which the new Chairperson, Amaia Goión, was elected.

Three nominations appearing before the ballot were led by Amaia Gorostiza, followed by Germán Albistegi and John Sager.

The latter were the first elections held at SD Eibar S.A.D. The Frontón Astelena was attended in person by a total of 498 shareholders, represented by a further 2,955.

Votes obtained in favour of the various candidates were as followed:

Amaia Gorostiza: 17,979

José María Arrizabalaga: 18,272

José Miguel Fiallegas: 17,893

Jon Ander Ulacia: 18,395

Joseba Unamumo: 18,006

Agustín Lahidalga: 17,715

Javier Sarrionandia: 17,746

José Antonio Fernández: 17,509

Leire Barriuso: 18,008

Virginia Araquistain: 18,113

Antón Martinena: 18,089

Javier Gurrutxaga: 18,077

Alex Martínez: 17,962

So far the three elected Counsellors were

Germán Albistegui: 5,141

Eduardo Trebiño: 4,770

Unai Iraola: 4,738

Aitor Andrés: 5,051

Javier Ariño: 4,9981

Kepa Osoro: 4,969

Asier Garín: 4,664

Bittor Garín: 4,743

Javier Aguirreamalloa: 4,510

José Miguel Egaña: 4,963

Joseba Rocandio: 5,140

José Gallastegui: 5,463

Miren Guisasola: 4,763

John Sager: 597