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Sponsorship agreement with Lawson HMV Entertainment

SD Eibar has agreed with Lawson HMV Entertainment to become an official sponsor of the club.

Lawson HMV Entertainment will support SD Eibar as an official sponsor in an important match in which SD Eibar has Real Madrid in their home (to be held on March 10th).

For the match mentioned above, the new logo, renewed in January, of our ticketing service brand “Lawson Tickets” will be shown on the left arm sleeve of the SD Eibar official jersey.

Holding the corporate vision “to provide 360°entertainment services to be an indispensable existence for all users”, Lawson HMV Entertainment will work on to expand domain and scale of its business as well as its service for users aggressively and resolutely just like SD Eibar and their Japanese player Takashi Inui.