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SD Eibar shall pay the amount for the Club Half Days at the close of the match season

The playing of CD Vitoria's games at Ipurua prevents closure of the match system and the remission of payment

SD Eibar shall remit payment at the close of Ipurua's match season for the amount of the Club Half Days to the shareholders who have satisfied the provisions laid down last December.

Once CD Vitoria plays its last game at Ipurua, the corresponding amounts may be calculated and paid.

After hearing a request from one part of the social mass, the Club decided that shareholders who attended or relinquished their seat during the last league matches would be reimbursed for the amount of the two Club Half Days and those who attended at least nine of those games would be reimbursed for one of them.

Although it was originally announced that the payment would be made over the course of May - on completion of the first team's season - the holding in Ipurua of the qualifying matches for promotion to the Second B of the subsidiary CD Vitoria have delayed the administrative closure of the match season.