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The solidarity wristbands designed by Kukuxumuxu can be bought for 3 euros at the Ipurua stadium, the official shop, online shop and on matchdays.

The campaign which aims to obtain defibrillators, accessories and provide training for their use, has been launched in more than 600 sports clubs, education centres and town halls.

Sudden death is the principal cause of death in developed countries and one of the main causes of death in athletes. The presence of a defibrillator and acting in the first 5 minutes following a cardiac event can increase the probability of survival by up to 70%.

The Basque Country is one of the regions where there is already the requirement to have defibrillators in installations with a capacity of more than 700 people, or ones that have more than 700 square metres of retail area.

Through this campaign the SD EIBAR Foundation wants to raise awareness of the importance of these devices and the possibilities of the Lifesaver Project that could create a cardio-protective space thanks to the solidarity campaign or the subsidised sale or rental of defibrillators. By purchasing a wristband you will contribute toward acquiring a defibrillator for the new North Stand at Ipurua, so it can be used to save lives if there is a medical emergency on a match day.

During the event held today, Monday 29 February several of the gunsmiths' first team players have taken part in the presentation of the lifesaver wristbands that will be sold for the price of 3 euros at the Ipurua Stadium on matchdays; specifically at the mobile merchandising sales point next to the Indalezio Ojanguren Kalea Tower, while on other days they can be bought from the official shop, Interesport Askasibar, at the Ipurua offices, or online at

With this solidarity campaign SD Eibar continues its work of participating with different non-profit organisations: on this occasion promoting the Lifesaver Programme between sporting clubs and education centres to create the highest possible number of Cardio-protective Spaces in the fight against sudden death. 

A cardio-protective space is one which has a defibrillator available, accessories such as the cabinet and signage, maintenance so that it is always operative, and training for the attendants.  Thanks to the Lifesaver Project more than 3000 Spanish entities have been able to make their spaces a safer environment; achieving these spaces thanks to their solidarity campaigns or the sale/rental of defibrillators under special conditions.


For more information on the Lifesaver Project and its campaigns you can go to its website or call 900 670 112 FREE of charge