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SD Eibar can count on the allegiance of 26 official supporters clubs in 10 countries around the world

Yesterday the Peña Iru was inaugurated with the armero goalkeeper in a ceremony at the home of the supporters club based in Eibar

Surrounded by a great atmosphere, yesterday Xabier Iruretagoiena received a carbine bearing the name of the new association from the hands of the president of the Iru supporters club. The new supporters club, which is based in Eibar, comes into being with the aim of paying homage to the gunsmiths’ goalie and to continue cheering him on wherever he goes. 

The drive to expand the Eibar Official Supporters Clubs is still open; today two new clubs have obtained the official certification, Peña HEIBAR, based in Madrid, and Peña ARRU, in honour of the armero player. In the near future the opening of these new associations will take place and two new official supporters clubs are awaiting confirmation, one in Australia and another that will pay homage to Keko.