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REPORT: Eibar earn a valuable draw against Villarreal to move within touching distance of safety

Camino's 86th-minute header wasn't enough to secure victory in Castellón, with Villarreal scoring a last-minute penalty

Eibar earned a valuable point at the Mini Estadi against Villarreal CF, a point which, while it may not have secured Eibar's mathematical salvation, does go a long way to bringing them within touching distance.

It was a quiet game in the first half. Espe Pizarro came close to scoring in the 10th minute, but her shot flew wide on the right. The first half of the game at the Mini Estadi passed by without any major scares for either side, with both sides looking to open the scoring on the few chances they did have, most of them from set-pieces.

With half-time approaching, Ane Campos made a run from almost midfield and took advantage of the advanced position of the goalkeeper to shoot at goal, without going too far out and Laura Camino rescued the ball. A few minutes later, the half-time whistle blew with the scores level.

In the second half, Eibar came out with even clearer ideas and played the first period in the opposition half, coming close to the Villarreal goal, but they didn't make things easy for Villarreal and allowed the opening goal to come. The game was progressing at the Mini Estadi and there were still no clear-cut chances for either side to score. In the 70th minute, Yerai Martin made some changes to his side, bringing on Annelie and Andrea Álvarez and taking off Ane Campos and Espe Pizarro.

In the 81st minute, Villarreal came close to Miralles' goal again, in one of the few clear chances they had throughout the game, but once again they were unable to find the goalkeeper. In the 85th minute, a header from Laura Camino gave the Armeras the first goal of the game. But the battle did not end there, as Villarreal managed to score in the last minute through a penalty for a handball inside the area.

The last few minutes were very intense and each team earned a point at the Mini Estadi, a point that was considered valuable by the Armeros in the final stretch of the season in which they are in the hunt for safety.