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Mendilibar, the coach with the most matches managed at Eibar in his professional category

The coach of Zaldibar made 182 appearances as the head of the armeros team in the clash against Valladolid

José Luis Mendilibar became on last Saturday in the match against Real Valladolid as the coach with most games in professional category of the SD Eibar. The coach of Zaldibar has 182 encounters leading the first team, beating Alfonso Barasoain, with 181, Javier "Manix" Mandiola, with 180 matches, and Blas Ziarreta, with 174 matches.

Mendilibar has been in Eibar since the 2015-2016 season and this is his fourth consecutive season as head of the armeros team. Before he led the team, specifically the 2004-2005 season, when he was one step away from promoting the team to First Division.

As a gunsmith, Mendilibar has 68 wins, 48 ​​draws and 67 defeats.

Antonio Corral History

Antonio Corral (06/09/1919 - 04/24/2012), armeros trainer in two different periods, those that passed between the seasons 1950-51 to 1957-58 and from 1963-64 to 1966-67, had historically led the most parties to the azulgrana although, due to the dates, there is no record of the exact number of matches.

Corral took charge of the armeros team for the 1950-1951 season, with the team in the Third Division, finishing in first position. The following season, 51-52, Eibar was second in the same category, and in 52-53, also in Third, finished first.

The seasons 53-54, 54-55, 5-56, 56-57 and 57-58 led the team in the Second Division (Grupo Norte), completing 162 games in front of the armeros bench with 54 wins, 36 draws and 72 defeats.

In his second tenure, Corral was in charge of the team in Third Division seasons 63-64, 64-65, 65-66 and 66-67, later becoming Club Counselor.