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Business Club

SD Eibar launches Enpresa Gunea, the Armeros’ Business Club

Enpresa Gunea was created with the aim of providing a meeting and networking point for companies in the region, promoting and strengthening relations between businesses in Eibar and the surrounding area

SD Eibar launches Enpresa Gunea, a project created with the aim of being a meeting and networking point for companies in the region. With this initiative, SD Eibar wants to promote and strengthen relations with companies that surround the club, which form an important part of its social and economic environment. This project will also help to reinforce the image of SD Eibar and its collaborators. 

Enpresa Gunea was also created with the aim of creating a space for conversation and synergy between the business sectors of Eibar and its surrounding areas.

Thanks to this initiative, SD Eibar offers its sponsors, collaborators and other companies the chance to be part of the club and have access to exclusive advantages and activities. The club will provide a meeting point and will offer different contents and activities to offer new opportunities for growth. The objective of the club is to impact the community in a positive and transcendent way. 

Enpresa Gunea is aimed at the wider business network, including independent professionals, businesses and companies, with the fundamental objective of bringing together the business network and generating new collaborations between members. 

SD Eibar offers its members a business environment in which passion for our colours and business go hand in hand, creating an ideal environment in which to grow together.

For any questions related to the Enpresa Gunea - Business Club, please contact