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First Women's Team

Esperanza Pizarro: "I am very happy with the evolution of the team"

The Uruguayan appeared at a press conference after scoring the winning goal against Madrid CFF and before the match against Real Madrid

In a press conference prior to the match against Real Madrid and after the victory against Madrid CFF in which she scored the winning goal, Esperanza Pizarro was confident with everything the team has been doing, both with the latest results and with the evolution of the team’s work week by week.

The players are aware of the development that the team is experiencing and also that they are having to adapt quickly: "We knew that we would have to adapt to the game against the teams at the top of the table, and precisely knowing how to adapt is what is making us face the games well week by week".

Regarding the next opponent, the Uruguayan striker was clear: "We knew that March would be a difficult month and we have to face the next game as we did the last one. The team is ready to compete and if there is a reward, even better".