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The Eibar board presents a budget of 11.6 million euros at the Shareholders’ Meeting, similar to last season’s

Despite the losses accumulated since relegation to the second division, Eibar remains “one of the most solvent of the 42 clubs that make up LaLiga”

SD Eibar’s board of directors presented the budget for the 2023/24 season, which has been set at 11.6 million euros, during the Shareholders’ Meeting held on Tuesday at the Teatro Coliseo, with this figure similar to that of last season.

Despite the losses accumulated since the club’s relegation to the second tier, which had already been forecast in the club’s strategic planning, Eibar remain, in the words of the institution’s president Amaia Gorostiza, “one of the most solvent of the 42 clubs that make up LaLiga”.

The Shareholders’ Meeting served to approve the accounts for the 2022/23 season, with 91.34 percent of votes in favour and with the losses being 8.6 million euros, which was 3 million euros less than expected.

A total of 16,566 shares took part in the voting, which represents 35.85 percent of the total number of shareholders.

In her speech, Amaia Gorostiza stressed that last season was “a campaign of both happiness and sadness”, due to the promotion of the women’s first team to Liga F and the “disappointment” of not achieving promotion with the men’s first team.



“2022/23 was a season of happiness and sadness. There were moments of happiness, such as when we saw the promotion of our women’s team to the top division. It took us just one season after relegation to the second division to return to the top flight of women’s football. Today it is a real source of pride to see our players on the pitch at Ipurua competing to stay in the top professional league.”

“Our men’s first team also gave us a lot of joy. We were, for a large stretch of the campaign, a consistent and competitive team. The numbers proved it and we were able to dream for a good part of the year that returning to the first division was possible. That dream, which we held for a large part of the season, fizzled out and ended up becoming a logical disappointment. However, we Eibar fans never consider giving up and this season we’re going to try again.”



“After seven years in the first division and now in our third year in the second division, we have a solvent and healthy financial situation. We still have a balance sheet of 59.2 million euros and financial investments of 62.35 million euros.”

“The biggest management mistakes can be made in good times. This is the case in all areas of management, but especially in the world of football. There are many examples of this. When you are at your best, you get comfortable and think that it will go on forever, so you lose the alertness and attention that makes you be prepared for changes in your situation.”

“But, in our case, when we were in the top flight we managed the club with the awareness that one day we would be relegated to the second division. Although Eibar always aspire to achieve the greatest success, we have to honest and coherent and know that being in the top flight can’t be an obligation for Eibar.”

“We are recognised as one of the best managed and most profitable clubs in LaLiga. We are one of the most solvent of the 42 clubs that make up LaLiga.”

“The accounts that we are submitting to a vote today show a loss of 8.6 million euros, which is 3 million euros less than the 11.8 million euros we had planned, mainly due to adjustments made and the positive evolution of the ordinary business.”

“It is true that this situation and the commitment we made two seasons ago has led us to show red numbers, but this is according to what was established and approved. The management we have carried out during our mandate has allowed us to be one of the LaLiga clubs with the best equity situation today, with almost 57 million euros at the end of 2022/23.”

“With regard to the budget for the 2023/24 season, we are looking at a loss of 11.7 million euros, in line with the roadmap we set out in the 2021/22 season. Sociedad Deportiva Eibar is a financially sustainable club. We are in good health, and should remain so in the future.”



“The Sports City is one of the major projects included in both our Strategic Plan and the Boost LaLiga Plan. I have said it on countless occasions, and I will not tire of repeating it, it is undoubtedly our most ambitious project.”

“We made a commitment to our shareholders and it is absolutely necessary that, as soon as possible, we can have our own sports facilities up and running. The stage of bureaucratic procedures and licences is now behind us and today the machines are fully operational and our Sports City is closer to becoming a reality every day.”



“The Boost LaLiga Plan has been adapted naturally into our Strategic Plan, as many of the objectives we had in our roadmap were also included in the Boost LaLiga Plan. Therefore, elements that we had already included have been adapted along with others so that, thanks to the collaboration of LaLiga, we can now undertake them even if they maybe didn’t appear to be a priority or if they had seemed complicated for our structure to carry out.”