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Arbilla: “The most beautiful part remains, and this team is hungry to dream”

The Eibar captain believes “the team that is top at this stage of the season is there on their own merit”

Anaitz Arbilla believes “the most beautiful part” of the season is just around the corner, and that “this team is hungry to dream” amid Eibar’s ongoing push for promotion.

During a press conference following training at Atxabalpe on Wednesday, the Armeros captain said the team can be proud of being top because “the team that is top at this stage of the season is there on their own merit.”



“Points remain in play, but I prefer to be top of the table at this stage. It is always significant to be in top place because it means you are doing things very well. We have had four wins on the bounce and it has felt good. Overall, I think there is a big plus defensively. We have kept four clean sheets and that side of it is going to be key.”

“This team is hungry, it has a dream to fight for an automatic promotion spot. We are going to keep fighting. There are many points still at play and of course, we are dreaming.”

“I prefer to be top than third or fourth. We are in first place on merit. We have to continue in the same vein because there is still a lot to play for, but it’s clear that if you are top at this stage of the season, you are there on your own merit. We have a lot of hunger. I can see it in the team’s training and work, the dream that we have, and this team has the hunger to dream. I hope that we can continue with the dream until the end.”


“In the games at Ipurua, in this season and last season, they have made things difficult for us. We haven’t beaten them last year nor this year. We hope that we can continue with the good dynamic we have. We concentrate on ourselves, knowing that it’s a tricky rival with young, talented, skilled and valiant players. We have to continue with our dynamic. It doesn’t have to make us change our style. We have to go there with good, clear ideas, knowing that we are a strong team, and we have to play each game trying to achieve all three points.”

“The most beautiful part of the season remains, and this team is hungry. We go to Miranda for three points. It is time to get that fifth win and then we will see what comes next. The title will be: Going for the fifth.”


“We are sound away from home. We are solid, not conceding many. You are seeing that the team is strong and that it feels comfortable away from home. The collective level has been good, away from home and at home, and we have to continue. We don’t believe that we have done anything because there is a lot still to do.”


“A lot of things have happened. It’s unusual. To not have the four full-backs for four games is very strange. This team is prepared for these kinds of situations. There are very committed players to play in those areas. We are seeing that we are a very united team, and that is key at this moment. To believe, support where the injuries…and inside we are doing things very well, Sergio and I, even though we are in positions that are somewhat new. We are performing to a high level, and we will continue for as long as we have to.”

“They are moments of the season. It’s clear that we are fine, that the team is solid, but not because we are on the pitch. The team has been strong for the whole year. Everyone is coming together collectively to the benefit of everyone, the club and the team. We have to continue being the same team, with the same strength that we have demonstrated up until now.”


“The key to all success is keeping the dream. He who has no challenges or dreams decays in the end. I am dreaming. I am convinced by what this group is showing. I am very committed to the team, and I am enjoying it. Physically, I am feeling well. I want to take advantage of that. I want to enjoy it because I am going to be 36, and each time there is a little less remaining.”

“To be in a group where I feel important, wanted and valued, and in a club that has shown the same, is always positive. You can increase your level by having these values.”