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Our Values

If there is one thing that sets Eibar apart, it’s the club’s values. The “Gure Balioak” (“Our Values”, in English) project works on six of the values that best represent the club. Each of these values is associated with a specific and quantifiable action for each of our players.


RESPECT - Greetings with respect and appreciation

COMMITMENT - Punctuality

DISCIPLINE - Related to the way Eibar plays the game

HUMILITY - Cleanliness in the dressing room

SOLIDARITY - Collection of equipment increasing playing time

HONESTY - Behaviour in the game


The project is based on the evaluation of players throughout the season so that, once the season is over, a comprehensive report is drawn up and sent to the families, the results of which are displayed in the Internal League of Values.

This initiative has received interest from other national and international entities and has been part of LaLiga presentations.