Youth football

Youth football is at the heart of the spirit of SD Eibar and its future. Our youth academy, managed by the SD Eibar Foundation, not only involves technical development and competition, but is also a key tool in club’s most important project, which is called “Gure Balioak” (“Our Values”, in English). It is based on the values of teamwork, effort, humility, the spirit of self-improvement and solidarity.

In the 2022/23 season, Eibar’s youth football section is made up of a total of 12 teams, four of which are girls’ teams and four of which are boys’ teams.


1. Primera Nacional Femenina

2. División de Honor Regional (Eibar Urko)

3. Liga Vasca Femenina

4. Juvenil D. de Honor Nacional (A)

5. Juvenil Liga Nacional (B)

6. Cadete de Honor Femenino

7. Cadete Liga Vasca

8. Cadete de Honor Masculino

9. Infantil Femenino

10. Infantil Honor

11. Infantil Txiki

12. Alevines