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Club information

Postal address

Ipurua Kalea 2

20600 Eibar (Gipuzkoa)

Hours: Monday to Friday from 09.30 to 13.30 and from 15.30 to 19.00

T. 943 201 831

Fax 943 202 606







Communication and Protocol



Members, Subscribers and Shareholders

Construction and Facilities


Club activities, headquarters, facilities and services.

The club only offers activities regarding the practice of football, which is divided into the following sections: First Team, CD Vitoria (affiliate club), Fútbol Base, School of Football and Veterans.

The first team´s training facilities are based in Atxabalpe, following an agreement with the Arrasate town council. Additionally, the team uses the facilities at Ipurua through an arrangement with the city council of Eibar.

ACADEMY: In the 2017-18 season, Grassroots Football involved a total of 18 teams, 4 of them female, 10 male and 4 groups in Futbol Eskola.


Results and surveys

Since the start of the 2016-2017 season efforts have been made to engage with the public by means of conducting surveys, which measure supporter satisfaction levels on a match day.


Club´s plans and/or annual programs

The club has the Strategic Plan for the period 2017-2022. 


Security measures for sporting events, full stands and other details


There is no home fans' end at the stadium or any radical supporters' groups linked to the club. The fan base of SD Eibar prides itself on its healthy, friendly relations with fan clubs of other teams.

Number of staff put forward by the club for every risk level:

Owing to the renovation work being undertaken on the East Stand, there is currently no allocated away supporters'  area. Once the first phase of the work has been completed, Visiting fans will be based in the behind the goal in the West Stand. The fans will be segregated with a system of removable railings. Taking into account the ongoing works at Ipurua and the number of visiting fans and their reputation (presence of violent or radical groups), the club will take appropriate measures. Likewise, the club will determine the extent of security operations for every sporting event, including inspection, frisking, security mechanisms and other operative measures that abide with current monitoring laws.


Fan groups who are not found within the Register of Fan Activity book (Libro de Registro de Actividades de Seguidores) will not be recognised as such. The club does not permit any form of manifestation or protest, either collective or individual, from within the confines of the sporting complex. Neither does it permit the display of symbols associated with a fan club which is not found within the Register of Fan Activity, on collective or individual basis.


Any collective element displayed in the interior of the sporting venue must comply with legislation on violence, racism, xenophobia and intolerance in sport.

Bringing specific supporters items such as drums, megaphones or similar has to be carried out by a group or fan club included in the Register of Fan Activity book.

The inside of the sporting venue should remain a place for offering support to the club. In no case should it be used for fliers (or such) of a commercial, political, social or religious nature, which should remain separate from sport.